Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp

Framework Agnostic Agile Coach

About Me

Paul Klipp is an agile coach, trainer, and speaker over twenty years' experience in various IT roles spanning multiple industries on three continents. He founded the oldest Ruby on Rails web development company in the world, one of the first online tools for distributed Kanban and the first agile conference in Poland.


I am no longer offering certified public training in Kanban, preferring to teach my clients what they need when they need it and then to stay around to help them implement what they've learned. I am still a certified Flight Levels trainer, available for in-house training and consulting. I also lead one day and mini-workshops on agile management, flow metrics, leadership, and various lean and agile-related topics.

Public Speaking

Contact me about opening your conference or corporate event. I talk about Kanban, Flight Levels, dependency management, mindfulness, gender diversity, and leadership.

Current Projects

Agile Book Club Podcast

On the first of every month, Justyna Pindel and I discuss a different agile-related book and on the 15th of every month we interview the authors.

Free online Kanban training

Over the next few months, I'll be recording much of my traditional lessons in video format and making them available to anyone seeking professional-quality Kanban training without the expense of accredited workshops. Additionally, I'll host office hours for students and a community to support learners.

Thinking Partnerships

I use a combination of mindfulness practice, thinking environment creation, clean language, liberating structures, lean and agile thinking, Cynefin and TRIZ to help people to think through challenging problems. Calls are limited to 60 minutes and cost 20, 50 or 100 Euro. The price is decided by the client at the end of the call, based on the precieved value derived from it. Contact me at the email address below to book a 60-minute thinking session if you're feeling stuck.

Contact Me

I welcome opportunities to teach, coach, mentor, and consult, paid or not, and questions relevant to my interests.