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Here are some videos I've enjoyed about agile software development.

Videos about agile software development


David Anderson Presents Kanban Part1 @ Yahoo! Video

David Anderson Presents Kanban Part2 @ Yahoo! Video

Google TechTalks April 28, 2006

Brion Vibber has worked on MediaWiki and Wikipedia's servers for four years, watching ... all over its frightening growth from thousands to millions of pages, from dozens to thousands of hits per second. Over four years, MediaWiki has evolved from a quick hack to run a little-known encyclopedia web site to the monster engine behind a heavily-used public site, while maintaining the simplicity needed for an entry-level intranet wiki. Brion reviews past and future directions for Wikipedia's software and hardware, and how modern buzzword technologies could power and simplify the wiki world.




Scrum tuning

Mary Poppendieck's presentation about competing on the basis of speed

What is scrum?

Scrum is the most popular and successful of agile project management methodologies. Its success lies in its simplicity and versatility. The method is easy to grasp and put to use right away but requires discipline to master.

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