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Successful Outsourcing with Scrum

While I am at work on my new book, tentatively titled Successful Outsourcing with Scrum, I will post drafts of completed chapters here for review. I welcome any feedback. Valuable contributions will be recognised on the book's website. The texts posted here are copyright 2009 Paul Kipp.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: What is Scrum? first draft v0.10.
    • What is Scrum?
    • What is agile development?
    • Why do we need a new method?
    • How and why did I adopt Scrum?
    • How have my clients reacted to Scrum?
    • What have been the results of adopting Scrum?
    • How hard is it to learn Scrum?
    • What are the primary advantages of Scrum?
    • How does Scrum distribute reponsibilities?
    • How does Scrum work with offshore teams?
  • Chapter Two: The Scrum Team - fist draft v0.07.
    • What is a scrum team?
    • What is a self-organizing team?
    • What are Pigs and Chickens?
    • How does a non-hierarchical team work?
    • What does a ScrumMaster do?
    • What about the others? Testers, programmers, UI specialists?
    • What does the Product Owner do?
    • Why should there be a single Product Owner?
    • What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner?
    • What is the time commitment of the product owner?
    • How can I be a good product owner?
  • Chapter Three: Communication - in progress
  • Chapter Four: Quality Control - not yet available for download
  • Chapter Five: Project Initiation - not yet available for download
  • Chapter Six: Sprinting - not yet available for download
  • Chapter Seven: Rinse and Repeat - not yet available for download
  • Chapter Eight: Deployment - not yet available for download
  • Glossary - not yet available for download
  • Suggested Reading - not yet available for download
Successful Outsouring With Scrum

Please feel free to download chapters as I complete the first drafts and offer feedback to help me make this book as useful as it can be.

Drafts ready for review

Chapter One: What is Scrum?

Chapter Two: The Scrum Team

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