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Paul's past speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements

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Past Speaking Engagements
    I'm speaking at lean kanban Central Europe in Munich, Germany
  • OpenAgile Romania 2010
  • Agile Eastern Europe 2010
  • Open Agile Romania
  • Web Expo 2010
  • Interview with Radio Polonia
  • Live interview on Avity Radio
  • Selling Agile - Polish Agile User Group
  • Keynote talk: Software Quality Assurance Management Conference
  • Implementing Agile presentation to the DRQ Academy
  • Agile Estimating and Planning live interview - BlogTalkRadio
  • Management of Technology EngD program speaker - University of Warwick - Johannesberg
  • Adopting Agile in small business interview, ADS Podcast
  • The Future of Online Learning - Bangkok, Thailand
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