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Your team and your stakeholders deserve the best in goal clarity, market responsiveness, quality and stability. I can help you get there.

Agile Coaching and Workshops

Introduction to Kanban

Sign up today for my four-hour introduction to kanban for just 200 zloty!

In-house coaching and training

Face to face coaching or targeted workshops are available to address specific needs like agile contracts, estimating and planning, selling agile, running a retrospective, and more.

Review the standard lesson plan which can be modified to suit your particular needs.

Introduction to Agile Project Management

This four-day course is delivered over four weeks, introducing your team to agile project management practices hands-on. They have a week to practice implementing each skill set before being introduced to the next. A great, non-intrusive way to get your whole team committed without disrupting your projects. see immediate improvements after the first day.

Agile Training and Consulting

Paul Klipp has helped teams around the world improve their performance through agile methodologies. Whether you need advice, training, or coaching, Paul can get your team on the road to success with Scrum.

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