Welcome to the Lunar Logic Polska Decision Tool

This tool can assist you in making complex decisions in an objective manner and documenting your thought process for analysis and justification. It is also useful for communicating the rationale for your decisions. Simply click, "save data to file" when you are finished, then save this page with a filename that is related to the decision, and email it to colleagues. They can choose to "read data from file" and not only see why you chose as you did, but they can modify the criteria and rankings and thereby create and share their own evaluation of the options.

To get started, just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Criteria table

First, populate the table with the criteria that is important to you. Add as many lines as necessary to capture all of the criteria relevant to your decision.

Next, rank the criteria in terms of importance to you by entering numbers in the cells beside them. You can use any number scheme you like, as long as the numbers are relative (e.g. 20 is twice as important as 10) and higher numbers are for criteria that are more important.

When you are finished, press "submit". You can unsubmit to make changes later.

Criteria name Criteria rank
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At any time, you can save your data to a file and resume later, provided that you are working on a local copy of this web page. If you are not, just choose "save as" from the file menu in your browser to save this page to your computer.

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