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I'm Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp is a seasoned expert in agile software development and outsourcing.

Paul serves as President and scrum Coach at Lunar Logic Polska in Central Europe. He started Lunar Logic's project management department and assisted with the development and implementation of the company's overall growth strategy.

Paul earned his MBA from the University of Illinois specializing in international business, and completed post-graduate coursework on Management of Technology in South Africa as a student of the University of Warwick (UK) EngD Doctorate program.

Since 1998, he has managed technology projects on three continents with teams ranging from 2 to 250 developers. He participated in the design of the selection criteria for the Technology Top 100 Awards (www.tt100.co.za) and sat for two years on the award's adjudicating panel.

Over the years, he has been invited to speak and consult around the world on various issues related to maximizing the business value of emerging technologies and has taught and coached agile development and project management.

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